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What defines
your success?

Twisted Trappe

Transforming oneself, your team or an organisation requires a solid combination of professionalism, commitment and continuity. A balance that is crucial to find in uncovering how development activities should be organized, who should be involved and, not least, the timing in relation to other activities.

Vital to succeed in translating the training into daily behaviour is that dialogues must be adapted to the recipients, and that the content and toolbox must be simple and practice-oriented - based on empirical data and relevant scientific theories.

The definition of "what success looks like" will be the starting point from which we shape processes. Is it e.g. personal development, a common mind-set, a common language or to set a unique direction? We need to define the success and diagnose the gap to shape the framework from which we define the needed activities.

The balance between dialogue, presentation and training is crucial for us to achieve the transformation that we strive for. Recognisability in the language and materials used will ensure a faster implementation of what has been trained, just as a combination of different learning platforms can contribute to anchoring the desired behaviour.


Involvement of all relevant parties is essential in terms of creating commitment, support and to anchor new behaviour in your daily work. A preliminary analysis can etablish a baseline analysing the situation "as is". Based on those findings we build the needed activities to reach the desired ambition. Continuous analysis will provide a means to visualise progress. 


Services available


Leadership development

Individual training, sales team sessions and corporate programs

Business engagements held with eg. TDC, VikingGenetics, Bang & Olufsen, Kromann Reumert, Arla and Solar

Billede af Glenn Carstens-Peters

Commercial training

Individual training, sales team sessions and corporate programs

Business engagements held with eg. Sydbank, Solar, ISS, Sanistål og Nilfisk

Billede af S O C I A L . C U T

Board member/advisory board member

Chair, vice chair, non-executive board member, advisory board member, interim member 

Since 2014, several current board positions

Billede af Susan Wilkinson
Billede af Angela Compagnone

Coaching and sparring

Individual processes

Individual processes since 2004

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