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Statements from business partners

Billede af charlesdeluvio

From HR Business Partner

"Camilla is one of the most competent consultants I know. She is extremely present, business-oriented and empathetic, which together with her great professional capacity makes her a unique sparring partner. I have had the pleasure of working with Camilla on several occasions in connection with the development and facilitation of management courses. Camilla always delivers a professional performance, where she manages to link complicated management theories to everyday management practice. I can only give Camilla my warmest recommendations."


From CEO

"It has been an absolute privilege to have Camilla supporting our company in a row of management camps since March 2017. In the camps top- and middlemanagement have continued to improve leadership skills, commercial awareness and a customer centric mindset. Camilla is a sharp, inspiring, empathetic and passionate trainer and we have achieved significant improvements in the organization in relation to both performance and behavior. I can only give Camilla my warmest recommendations."

Billede af Christopher Burns

From Head of Engineering

"I had the pleasure to participate in a leadership development program headed and facilitated by Camilla. During the program, I experienced a well prepared, skillful and insightful facilitator, who through deep knowledge of the theory, brought it into play in practical day2day cases, where she challenged the group to reflect on and develop our leadership skills.

Camilla relies on training and feedback as key contributors in an effective learning process and I can only say it has proven effective.

I can only give Camilla my best recommendation."

From Chief Operating Officer

"I have worked closely with Camilla both to develop my own personal leadership skills but also to step up leadership, collaboration and team performance in the organization I lead. Camilla is a fantastic facilitator and coach rooted in both long experience and deep functional knowledge which she applies in a natural and seamless way among individuals and teams."


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